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Boney James feat. Jaheem - Ride-1

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DjBabyFaceWilliams, a native of Uptown New Orleans, started his musical journey at an early age playing trombone while attending elementary school. Upon his transition into high school, a personal commitment to developing his early childhood talents earned him a position in the nationally known St Augustine Marching 100 Band. Later on, his love for music allowed him to venture off into the art of Dj'ing in 2003, which opened his eyes to a wide span of genres. His influences range from a vast list of local and nationally known Dj's. Through his 18 plus years in the business, he has enjoyed spinning for small backyard parties, birthdays, corporate events, rocking crowds out of state, and his current passion, Weddings. His all time goal, as simple as it may be, is to be one of the well known and respected Disk Jockeys in his home city which plays all genres of music. As a result of his dedication to excellence in his craft, when asked, his prestigious clientele will all agree that his professionalism and perfectionist mentality will continue to bring him much success and blessings!

Why hire DjBabyFaceWilliams?

DjBabyFaceWilliams believes quality sounding equipment and lighting can set the tone of an event. His musical library continues to grown with a multitude of genre's to satisfy his client's taste. DjBabyFaceWilliams goes above and beyond to make sure each event goes as planned from multiple hours of prepping, creating event timelines, to having one on one meetings. He has played for crowds of 20 in a backyard, crowds of 1000+ (Myrtle Beach,SC) and local Festivals of 3000+ people ! He is ALWAYS early to set up, dressed properly for the occasion, and believes every client/event has its own individual difference and is NEVER viewed the same. Weddings are his favorite !

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